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Just this Monday I read from Grand Central Noir as part of  We Three Productions’ Biweekly Readings of Poetry and Prose, upstairs at 2A, 25 Avenue A and 2nd St. Other readers included Marsha Mormon, Nicole Chu, and Saara Dutton. Unfortunately, I was busy reading and missed the 8:30 deadline to pick up my second two-for-one beer. But one must live with disappointments. Thanks to Tim O’Mara for inviting me.

And I was recently interviewed by Ray Collazo on Ray’s Podcast Network’s Latino Talk program. Check it out. Somewhere in there, I may have said something interesting. No guarantees. Thanks to Laiza Santos and Ray Collazo for inviting me.

I also guest-blogged at the very fun Crime Writers’ Chronicle with a little ditty about inspiration. It starts:

  • I do some of my best writing in the shower. This apparently is true for many people. There are scientific reasons for this, involving dopamine, the symbolism of water, and whatever they put into Irish Spring.

You can read the rest here.

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