Richie Narvaez

“Doc’s at Midnight” Preview

For those considering stories for Anthony Award nominations in September 2022, here is a “Doc’s at Midnight,” featured in Midnight Hour: A Chilling Anthology of Crime Fiction, edited by Abby L. Vandiver (Crooked Lane Press, 2021). #bouchercon2022

HOLLY Wins Agatha Award!

HOLLY HERNANDEZ AND THE DEATH OF DISCO, by Richie Narvaez, won the Agatha Award for Best Children’s/Young Adult Book at last night’s Malice Domestic crime fiction conference. “I am beyond overwhelmed,” says Narvaez. “This book is dedicated to my teachers. A substitute teacher in junior high school lent me a copy of Murder on the Orient Express, which changed my life, and so this is like coming full circle.” Other

LeVar Burton Reads My Story!

LeVar Burton reads my speculative fiction short story “Room for Rent,” from the anthology Latinx Rising, on his wonderful podcast. I am beyond thrilled by this and his reading is amazing. And the way he pronounces my name! Thank you, Geordi! Listen to him here:

New Flash Story Out

I’ve a new speculative fiction flash story in Orion’s Belt magazine: “Caring for a Picky Eater during the Apocalypse.” Here is an excerpt: “When she moves the charred squirrel morsels around the plate without bringing a single piece to her mouth, she crosses her arms and says, again, ‘I’ve been so craving a hamburger and French fries and a vanilla shake,’ try not to take it personally.” For the full

What Scares Me!

I’m a guest over at the talented Tara Laskowski’s blog, as part of her “What Scares You?” author interview series. Here is an excerpt: “When I was about five or six, one of my uncles died, and his daughters told me that he had been killed in their basement by the Devil because basements are closest to Hell, so, duh, that’s how the Devil gets into your house.” For the