Richie Narvaez

LeVar Burton Reads My Story!

LeVar Burton reads my speculative fiction short story “Room for Rent,” from the anthology Latinx Rising, on his wonderful podcast. I am beyond thrilled by this and his reading is amazing. And the way he pronounces my name! Thank you, Geordi! Listen to him here:


Kristopher Zgorski of BOLO Books was kind enough to post this lovely review of HOLLY HERNANDEZ AND THE DEATH OF DISCO. It’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever gotten because it’s clear that he truly understands what I was trying to do with a standard mystery framework. Go here for the entire review:

Carlito’s Way Author Recommends NOIRYORICAN

To my great joy, one of my literary heroes, the Abuelo of Puerto Rican Crime Fiction, endorsed my upcoming book of short stories, Noiryorican. Here is the blurb: “An exciting and exhilarating journey through Puerto Rican barrios. It strikes [a] tone of the streets that rings true to my seasoned ear. The array of characters encompasses the Nuyorican experience devoid of sentiment or artifice. Congratulations, Richie. Score one for the

Cover Reveal for NOIRYORICAN

Check out of the cover of NOIRYORICAN (Down and Out Books, November 2020), designed by Zach McCain. In 13 fast-moving stories, the author of Hipster Death Rattle explores the tragic world of noir fiction with a wide range of Latinx characters. These stories define noir as tales of people who fall not from great heights but from the stoop and the sidewalk. “With considerable style, poise, and humor, Richie Narvaez’s