Recent Events

Just this Monday I read from Grand Central Noir as part of  We Three Productions’ Biweekly Readings of Poetry and Prose, upstairs at 2A, 25 Avenue A and 2nd St. Other readers included Marsha Mormon, Nicole Chu, and Saara Dutton. Unfortunately, I was busy reading and missed the 8:30 deadline to pick up my second two-for-one beer. But one must live with disappointments. Thanks to Tim O’Mara for inviting me. And I was recently

Interview with Blackout City Podcast

Mark Slade of Blackout City Podcast just interviewed me for his blog.  Here is an excerpt: BLACKOUT CITY: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE JERRY LEWIS MOVIE? RICHIE: First of all, I love Dean and I love Jerry, but I don’t love Dean and Jerry, so all those movies are out. Then, anything with a message or is that is too cute, Delicate Delinquent, for example — out. Many people love Nutty Professor, but