Suburbs of suspense! Freeways of fury! Levittowns of lust! Garden Cities of greed! (I'm pretty sure that cover shot is from Long Island City, which is actually in Queens, but hey it's still connected to the glacial moraine that is Lawn Guyland.)

My story “Ending in Paumanok” will appear in Long Island Noir, due out this May from Akashic Books. The anthology is edited by Kind Kaylie Jones and also features the works of Jumpin’ Jules Feiffer, Madcap Matthew McGevna, Nice Nick Mamatas, Quick Qanta Ahmed, Chummy Charles Salzberg, “They Call Him Mr. Coleman” Reed Farrel Coleman, Tough Guy Tim McLoughlin, Sweet Sarah Weinman, Jazzy JZ Holden, me, Smart Sheila Kohler, Jolly Jane Ciabattari, Snazzy Steven Wishnia, Kinetic Kenneth Wishnia, Amiable Amani Scipio, and Timeless Tim Tomlinson. Pre-order a copy now. As with other books in the Akashic city series, the stories in this book take place in different towns and neighborhoods in the given locale. My story takes place in Southhampton and Riverhead but most of all in Stony Brook. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of my story:


by R. Narvaez

Mary hated driving so close to the water. She couldn’t even see it—an incoming storm blackened the sky and the sea beneath it—but she could sense the Atlantic pulsing out there, just off the passenger side, moving like some great predator teasing its prey. “Out of the cradle endlessly stalking,” said Mary to herself.

She stepped on the gas. There was no traffic to weave through that early in the morning.

She took Dune Road to the reservation, then turned on to Old Point Road. Tommy Hawk’s Trading Post was just where Lawrence said it would be. A weathered cigar store Indian leaned on its side in front.

When Mary shut off the car, her hands were shaking.

For the whole story, buy the book!

I’ll be doing readings and signings this May in the City and on the island. Stay tuned for details.