My ebook collection of short stories Roachkiller and Other Stories is now available on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, the iBookstore (epub), Smashwords (all formats), and Kobo (epub). An individual story, “Hurricane” (Anglicized from “Juracán”) is also available. Get it! Get it now!

Here is the press release (Anthony Neil Smith and Manuel Ramos were kind enough to allow me to use their words to help promote the book):

The debut collection of short stories by dynamite noir writer R. Narvaez

March 26, 2012: available for immediate review

Anthony Neil Smith, the author of Yellow Medicine, said about the story “Roachkiller”: “If there is any justice in the world, [R. Narvaez] should become a giant on the literary noir scene within the next couple of years.”

A pregnant single mother who becomes a numbers runner in 1970s Brooklyn; an ex-con fighting against insurmountable odds not to kill again; a middle-aged tax lawyer who’s discovered the secret to happiness—at any cost: these are just a few of the hard-luck characters you’ll meet in Roachkiller and Other Stories, the debut collection of short stories from exciting noir writer R. Narvaez. Included are 10 hard-boiled tales, many with a dash of dark humor. Get-rich schemes gone violently awry. A slacker detective far out of his depth. A reformed criminal who can’t get past his killer instincts. The action moves from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico, from the ’70s to the near future, from deadly divorces to homicidal hipsters. Narvaez travels down the dimly lit side streets of noir you’ve never seen before.

“In the Kitchen with Johnny Albino”
“Santa’s Little Helper”
“Ibarra Goes Down”
“Watching the Iguanas”
“Rough Night in Toronto”

These are many of my first crime fiction stories. I could not help but revise some of them, in some cases viciously, before putting them into this collection. The last story there, “Zinger,” is brand new and never before published.

If you want to be a completist, you can also get the T-shirt.