Richie Narvaez

March Madness

Somehow managed to do another issue! Winning! poems Green Day by Lars Nyberg* Experiment: Bourbon as Catalyst by Robin Blackburn To the skunk who sprayed the parking lot near La Madeleine’s by Melanie Browne When One Says by Nettie Parker Bauman Octavio’s Peace by Matt Medina Solution-Focused Thinking Blues by Ryan Webb Shredder by John Muth Un Brindisi a Silvio Berlusconi by Daniel Thomas Moran prose Earthquakes Revealed! by Bernie

Get a Clue

My short story “Hating Holly Hernandez” will be coming out in You Don’t Have a Clue this spring. Pre-order now!! The publishers, who don’t name me in the press release, not that I noticed, do allude to my story in the back cover copy, which I did notice! Here’s the public relations schpiel: “[The] first anthology of suspenseful short fiction by Latinos for teens. The teens featured in these stories