Check out this very generous review by Cullen Gallagher of my reading at KGB last month and my story “Hurricane” on the Los Angeles Review of Books blog:

  • “On this occasion, he read from ‘Juracán’ (originally published in Indian Country Noir, and re-published as ‘Hurricane’ as an eBook), a classic noir fable about a hapless loser who drives across Puerto Rico during a hurricane to go gambling and wakes up in a field — damp, bloody, and framed for murder. The story starts with a scorching opener: ‘There was another dead dog on the side of the road. Tongue hanging out. Guts. Blood. I’d never seen so many dead dogs on the road anywhere. The strays must go out of their way to commit suicide.’ And it ends on a perfectly bleak yet humorous note.”

Read the entire review, which includes a look at the whole event, here.

Tammy Dewhirst at Rabid Readers Review also had some kind words to say about the story:

  • “There is deep symbolism in this book that never comes off as pretentious and I enjoyed the flow and the way the characters stayed true to who they were. There were no redeeming moments in this read and that’s what makes it great.”

Read the entire review, along with a roundup of other short fictions she recommends, here.