This is the last week for the “Creating a Nuyorican Identity Reading Group” at the Center for Fiction. We covered just four books, but there are many, many more to read. Following is the list I sent the group members to continue their study of Nuyorican Lit. I thought some of you might find it useful. As I told the group, when people think of “Nuyorican Lit,” the emphasis is on poetry, but there is a lot of fiction and memoir available. I’ve also included nonfiction books on history and culture, just FYI.

Our Reading Group List
Down These Mean Streets by Piri Thomas
When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago
The Education of Margot Sanchez by Lilliam Rivera
We The Animals by Justin Torres

Fiction (Novels)
The House on the Lagoon by Rosario Ferré
The Line of the Sun by Judith Ortiz Cofer
Spidertown by Abraham Rodriguez Jr.
Bodega Dreams by Ernesto Quiñonez
Mancha de Platano by Maria De los Angeles Cruz (Spanish)
True and False Romances by Ana Lydia Vega
Carlito’s Way by Edwin Torres
The Comeback by Ed Vega (aka Edgardo Vega Yunqué)
Empire of Dreams by Giannina Braschi
Flaming Iguanas by Erika Lopez
Taino by Jose Barreiro
A Decent Woman by Eleanor Parker Sapia
Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera
Daughters of the Stone by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa
Sirena Selena by Mayra Santos-Febres
Macho Camacho’s Beat by Luis Rafael Sanchez
Kings of 7th Avenue by Jonathan Marcantoni
The Devil’s Mambo by Jerry A. Rodriguez
Chinatown Angel by A.E. Roman
Captain Correa: The Guardian of Arecibo by Roberto González Rivera
Coney Island Siren by Theresa Varela

Fiction (Anthologies)
Boricuas: Influential Puerto Rican Writings, edited by Roberto Santiago
Breaking Ground: Anthology of Puerto Rican Women Writers in New York 1980–2012, edited by Myrna Nieves
Spiks by Pedro Juan Soto
Dominoes and Other Stories from the Puerto Rican by Jack Agüeros
Puerto Rican Writers at Home in the USA: An Anthology, edited by Faythe Turner
Noiryorican by Richie Narvaez
Fantasmas: Puerto Rican Tales of the Dead by Charlie Vazquez
Remedios: Stories of Earth and Iron from the History of Puertorriquenas by Aurora Levins Morales
Pa’Que Tu Lo Sepas, edited by Angel Luis Colon
Love War Stories by Ivelisse Rodriguez
Boricua en la Luna, edited by Elena M. Aponte

Fiction (Children’s/Young Adult)
El Bronx Remembered by Nicholasa Mohr
Nilda by Nicholasa Mohr
Perez and Martina by Pura Belpre
Los Cuentos de Juan Bobo by Maria Cadilla de Martinez
Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older
Callalo: The Legend of the Golden Coquí by Marjuan Canady
Martina and the Wondrous Waterfall by Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor
They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

Memoirs of Bernardo Vega: A Contribution to the History of the Puerto Rican Community in New York by Bernardo Vega
My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor
Becoming Maria: Love and Chaos in the South Bronx by Sonia Manzano
Silent Dancing: A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood by Judith Ortiz Cofer
Las Villas of Plattekill and Ulster County by Ismael “Ish” Martinez Jr.
Family Installments: Memories of Growing Up Hispanic by Edward Rivera
Fish Out of Agua by Michele Carlo
Ordinary Girls by Jaquira Díaz

A Puerto Rican in New York and Other Sketches by Jesús Colón
War against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony by Nelson A. Denis
Free Puerto Rico by Pedro Albizu Campos
Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America by Juan Gonzalez
The Tainos: Rise and Decline of the People Who Greeted Columbus by Irving Rouse
Fantasy Island: Colonialism, Exploitation, and the Betrayal of Puerto Rico by Ed Morales
The Latin Beat: The Rhythms and Roots of Latin Music, from Bossa Nova to Salsa and Beyond by Ed Morales
Slave Families and the Hato Economy in Puerto Rico by David M. Stark
Experiencing Puerto Rican Citizenship and Cultural Nationalism by Jacqueline Font-Guzmán
The Young Lords: A Radical History by Johanna Fernández
The New York Young Lords and the Struggle for Liberation by Darrel Wanzer-Serrano
Brooklyn Dreams: My Life in Public Education by Sonia Nieto
We Are Left without a Father Here: Masculinity, Domesticity, and Migration in Postwar Puerto Rico by Eileen J. Suárez Findlay
Imposing Decency: The Politics of Sexuality and Race in Puerto Rico, 1870–1920 by Eileen J. Suárez Findlay
Ricanness: Enduring Time in Anticolonial Performance by Sandra Ruiz
Our Nuyorican Thing: The Birth of a Self-Made Identity by Samuel Diaz Carrion
The Unlinking of Language and Puerto Rican Identity: New Trends in Sight by Brenda Domínguez-Rosado
Spinning Mambo into Salsa: Caribbean Dance in Global Context by Juliet E. McMains
In Visible Movement: Nuyorican Poetry from the Sixties to Slam by Urayoan Noel
Growing Up Puerto Rican: An Anthology, edited by Joy L. De Jesus
In Search of the Luminous Heart: From the Mountains of Naranjito, Puerto Rico to the Mountains of Crestone, Colorado by Victoria Rivera McKinley
Honor and Fidelity: The 65th Infantry in Korea, 1950–1953 by Gilberto N. Villahermosa

Poetry and Plays
Song of the Simple Truth: The Complete Poems of Julia de Burgos by Julia de Burgos
Pedro Pietri: Selected Poetry by Pedro Pietri
Getting Home Alive by Aurora Levins Morales and Rosario Morales
Bluestown Mockingbird Mambo by Sandra María Esteves
Yerba Buena by Sandra María Esteves
Hey Yo! Yo Soy! 40 Years of Nuyorican Street Poetry: 40 Years of Nuyorican Street Poetry, edited by Gabrielle David and Kevin E. Tobar Pesantez
Outlaw: The Collected Works of Miguel Pinero by Miguel Pinero
PAPOLiTICO: Poems of a Political Persuasion by Jesus Papoleto Melendez
Bendición: The Complete Poetry of Tato Laviera by Tato Laviera
Maraca: New and Selected Poems, 1965–2000 by Victor Hernández Cruz
Sancocho: A Book of Nuyorican Poetry by Shaggy Flores
The Popedology of an Ambient Language by Edwin Torres
The Poetician by “La Bruja” Caridad De La Luz
Tom-Toms of Kinky Hair and All Things Black by Luis Palés Matos
Notes on the Return to the Island by Bonafide Rojas
She Was So Naked by Lourdes Vázquez
Show and Prove by Sofia Quintero