I got my box of complimentary author copies of Noiryorican! It’s that indescribable, fleeting moment in which authors feel like gods, like moms, like whoever came up with the idea of “lunch.”

And the first five-star review of the book notes:

“I read Narvaez’s previous book of short stories (‘Roachkiller‘) just a few months ago and immediately featured it in the “Criminally Good Books” section of my newsletter—and was kicking myself for not having discovered it sooner. ‘Noiryorican‘ is Narvaez’s latest book of short stories, and this time I’m not late to the game. And even better, this book is, well, EVEN BETTER, which is no easy feat.

“Few authors capture the humanity of small-time crooks and miscreants the way Narvaez does. Everything about his writing makes his books impossible to put down—the gritty lyricism of the language, the depth of characters who might initially seem superficial, the fresh and compelling plots.

“If you long for good shorts, don’t miss this book. I hereby dub Mr. Narvaez ‘Mr. Noir-vaez’ and I see no reason why the name shouldn’t stick.”—Greg Levin