My short short story “I’m Starting to Think about Leaving Tonight” will be published in The Black Car Business, Volume 2 anthology, available on September 24.

You can pre-order the ebook version now for $3.99 cheap.

The anthology, edited by My Cousin Vinny fan Lawrence Kelter, features literary crime fiction stories involving the theme of the infamous, ominous, conspicuous black car. My story was inspired by listening again and again to Gary Numan’s “Cars.” One line popped out to me as a moment of crisis for a character, and, after imagining it, the rest of the story flowed from there. In a readable way, I hope.

On the Book of Faces, Kelter was kind enough to say about me: “[Narvaez] has one of the most interesting and compelling writing styles I’ve come across in years.”

Besides me, the anthology includes authors such as Jonathan Ashley, Brett Battles, Kathy Bennett, Tim Ellis, Ty Hutchinson, Rick Murcer, Gary Ponzo, Jeff Soloway, and Frank Zafiro.