product_thumbnailSpeaking of Dark Times, Winter is indeed coming to the U.S. So perhaps we could all use a little humor before humor is made illegal. I’ve a funny story just printed in Pure Slush, Vol. 13: Freak, an outfit (“flash . . . without the wank”) from Down Under (I think). (I’m seeking to expand my fan base by engaging readers on the other side of the world; if I get just one more fan, that’s an increase of 50 percent!) I entered a story because I happen to have one mostly finished on hand that fit their call: anything concerning freakishness. (Lesson 75: Don’t throw out any drafts or half-gestated ideas.)

Here is a sample from the start of the story, “Echo, Echo”:

“My cubicle is right outside the ladies’ room. I do not try to listen, but with the shape of the walls and the vent in the door, I hear the echo of things I was not meant to hear.”

For the rest of the tale, buy it, buy it now.

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