PURE as the Driven SLUSH

Speaking of Dark Times, Winter is indeed coming to the U.S. So perhaps we could all use a little humor before humor is made illegal. I’ve a funny story just printed in Pure Slush, Vol. 13: Freak, an outfit (“flash . . . without the wank”) from Down Under (I think). (I’m seeking to expand my fan base by engaging readers on the other side of the world; if I


This story was originally published in Nightmare Illustrated and has been republished several times. I thought I’d add it here temporarily, for your Halloween reading pleasure. The Old Haunt by Richie Narvaez WITH HORROR, Grace realized that she was dead, and that she was now a ghost, and that she would be doomed to haunt the dark, dank, dusty halls of Chuffnuttington Manor for all eternity. What would become of