Richie Narvaez

Get a Clue

My short story “Hating Holly Hernandez” will be coming out in You Don’t Have a Clue this spring. Pre-order now!! The publishers, who don’t name me in the press release, not that I noticed, do allude to my story in the back cover copy, which I did notice! Here’s the public relations schpiel: “[The] first anthology of suspenseful short fiction by Latinos for teens. The teens featured in these stories

New Story Up at “A Thousand Faces”

The new issue of A Thousand Faces, the quarterly journal of superhuman fiction, is out with my story “Volcano Girl.” You can read it online (for free), buy it in print, or download it to your Kindle or Nook. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the story: VOLCANO GIRL by R. Narvaez There was laundry to do. An ingrown toenail pulsed under her left boot. And she had to