Richie Narvaez


I got my box of complimentary author copies of Noiryorican! It’s that indescribable, fleeting moment in which authors feel like gods, like moms, like whoever came up with the idea of “lunch.” And the first five-star review of the book notes: “I read Narvaez’s previous book of short stories (‘Roachkiller‘) just a few months ago and immediately featured it in the “Criminally Good Books” section of my newsletter—and was kicking myself for

HOLLY Lauded on Latinidad List of Best Books of 2020

HOLLY HERNANDEZ AND THE DEATH OF DISCO was included in The Latinidad List of the Best Latinx Books of 2020. The ezine, published by Marcela Landres since 2003, was chosen as one of the 101 Best Web Sites for Writers by Writer’s Digest. In the ezine list, Landres notes of HOLLY: “If Elmore Leonard were Latino and wrote YA, he would have written this witty page-turner.” Other books noted in the