Appointed Artist in Residence at Morris Park Library

Starting Monday, October 15, I am the Bronx Council on the Arts Artist in Residence at the Morris Park Library in the Bronx. Which means that on Monday afternoons, I run the Bronx Write Now series of free creative writing workshops for the literarily inclined. A description of the series: “Have a story you want to tell and not sure how to start? Or how to finish? Curious about the

Speaking of Which

“What should we drink?” she asked. “It’s pretty chilly outside right now, don’t you think? How about some hot chocolate?” “Let’s drink beer.” “Er, okay, but it’s morning time. Although I guess it is five o’clock somewhere on the planet, am I right?” “Big ones,” the woman said. “Big as elephants.” “I’ve never seen one.” “Seen what?” “A beer as big as an elephant.” “No, you wouldn’t have.” “I might