Another Great ROACHKILLER Review

Roachkiller and Other Stories just received a very  generous review by Daniel over at Looking for a Good Book. He says: I don’t know why Narvaez isn’t a house-hold name.  Anyone who likes good fiction, or well-defined characters, or strong writing, should have this author on their bookshelves.  To keep with the sci-fi/Philip K. Dick theme, Narvaez’s work compares to the rawness and originality of Harlan Ellison, but perhaps with

An Unequivocal Rave for Roachkiller

Roachkiller and Other Stories received a great review in the latest issue of Crime Factory. Thanks to them and to Eva Dolan for her generous review. Here’s an excerpt: Narvaez has a poet’s delight in phrasing and writes with an easy kind of grace, unforced, unhurried, letting his character’s lives unravel at their own pace. And almost without exception they do unravel, circumstances take unexpected turns, good people find wells