Like many of you, I’ve found some time on my hands in the last few weeks (saved subway time for me, mostly). And so I decided to finish up a project that’s been on my desktop for a while. The rights to my first book of short stores were kicked back to me, so I updated the text and cover and, perhaps foolishly, republished it on my own. So, while

Boricua En La Luna

Proud to say I have a short fiction piece in Boricua En La Luna, a new collection of prose and art by Puerto Rican authors and artists, edited by Elena M. Aponte. Proceeds from the book benefit hurricane relief on the island including the Hispanic Federation, Taller Salud, the Sato Project, and more. Other contributors include Eneida Alcade, Laura Almeida, Li Yun Alvarado, Sasha Lee Alvarez, Maria Luisa Arroyo Cruzado, Vera