Hawking Books in Harlem

It was a fine pleasure to be sitting down on a breezy day  and hawking my bookwares on Saturday, July 21, as part of the 20th anniversary Harlem Book Fair. Truth to tell, it was very breezy. Very, very breezy. Breezy enough to knock my neatly displayed books over (and I’d spent 10 whole minutes making those handmade cardboard book displays — must really invest in real ones, made of lead). Breezy enough to almost knock over the tent at the Mystery Writers of America, NY, booth, C21, which was barely held down by a gallon jug of water at each corner. Breezy enough that my last reserve of bookmarks went sailing, never to return.

However, sales were breezy. (See what I did there?) Sold all my bookwares. Truth to tell, all but one. But that one got pretty beat up as it somersaulted down the pavement, too beat up to even sell at a severe discount. Maybe I can turn it into a doorstop.