The World of Advertising

Somebody, wrinkle your nose!
My fourth day in the world of advertising. I had imagined, perhaps as many of you have, that the world of advertising, the big corporate for-profit world of advertising, was much like it has been presented in the movies or on TV. Darrin Stephens working for McMann and Tate, struggling to come up with the one concept that will make or break an account. I do not want that job. That’s not why I took this job at D——. What job I do have I am not entirely sure of. Seems to be a lot of writing. I am not exactly sure what tomorrow will bring. Which is why I took this job. Some details: 600 employees, in regular or plastic cubicles (sadly, the plastic ones look like leftovers from the set of Quintet or Logan’s Run) and glass-doored offices. The printers are out in the open and shared by everyone. Which sucks, if you know me. The company takes up half of the building, and there is a kitchenette and lounge on each floor, with free (but not-so-good) coffee and vending machines. Best perks: I work on a Mac, the bathrooms are clean, I do not have to wear a gray flannel suit. Or even underwear.

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